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Toadstool Farm's Fairytale Horses include these fine stallions

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Krist 358

FPZV/FHS approved purebred Friesian breeding stallion; the newest member of the Toadstool Farm family. Beauty, brains, movement, and presence galore....we are honored to have this rare stallion in our herd!


Saxon, our Friesian breeding stallion. MOvement to die for, a personality like no other, and beautry unparalled.


Our Gypsy Cob stallion, whose name means the Irish King of the Faerys.
Click here for more on our Fae King!


For Sale

Our Fell pony stallion/colt. The first Fell stallion in California, and one of only a few grey stallions in the U.S.
Click here for more on this special young man!.


Sold--but staying here at Toadstool Farm!

Our darling young Friesian stallion, promise and presence galore, all wrapped up in a buddha-like temperament.
Click here to meet our wise old soul.


This one is actually not a stallion, he is a gelding, but he is the one who started it all!
Click here to see our Number One, Jacqueline's real live dream horse!

Frans 289

In Memory.THE Frans, Dutch Approved Friesian Breeding Stallion, it is our honor to steward ( we dont believe in ownership) and stand this remarkable stallion.
Click here for more about this legend, the one and only, Frans 289


In memory of the very best stallion that ever graced this planet though for far too brief a time. Wolfe, who was orphaned and handraised by Jacqueline.
Click here for more on this blessed horse.

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